We value and appreciate the good service from Linda at Corporate Insurance Solutions. Whenever we've needed an insurance certificate quickly or information we needed as soon as possible, you've jumped right on it. If other companies I do business with did as well as CIS, I could operate a lot more efficiently.

Jack, Arizona HVAC Contractor

We have a level of comfort and security knowing that a local company believes in our mission and works to help us achieve it. In over two years of experience with Seth at Corporate Insurance Solutions, we have not had a single issue with the service, coverage or questions that we have posed. CIS has done a great job.

Melissa, Arizona Commercial Roofing Contractor

What we like best about Seth at Corporate Insurance Solutions is the quick response to any insurance question or concern that we have. You are "Johnny on the spot" when we need something. And we love working with Linda!

Valerie, Multi-state Concrete Pumping Company

I appreciate the examination of the different lines of insurance that may be more cost effective at each and every renewal. This practice saves me the time of shopping the policy because it is already being completed.

Jeannie, Multi-state Franchised Restaurants

I appreciate calling and hearing our account manager's voice and they don't even have to ask who is calling, because they recognize my voice. I appreciate having one main contact as my agent!

Jackie, Arizona HVAC & Restoration Contractor